Boat taxi

In case you missed the ferry from Tuvesvik, Käringön or Gullholmen, you can call us to avoid waiting until the next departure. Boat taxi also fits you that have wishes about a specific island to swim and sunbath at. Apart from our regular trips we can, of course, arrange longer journeys on request. On boat taxi we can take 1-12 passengers.

Set routes

Hälleviksstrand / Edsultshall ⇄ Käringön: 700 SEK + 100 SEK/pers

Mollösund / Tuvesvik / Gullholmen / Stocken ⇄ Käringön: 800 SEK + 100 SEK/pers

From 3/7 to 10/8 we also arrange set trips every Wednesday and Saturday between Tuvesvik and Grindebacken Strandhak.

15:00 Tuvesvik → Grindebacken: 100 SEK/pers

19:00 Grindebacken → Tuvesvik: 100 SEK/pers

Did you miss the ferry?

In the summer, the ferries between Tuvesvik, Gullholmen and Käringön are often full. If you estimate that you will be at least 20 minutes late to your destination as a result of this, you can call us and be fully reimbursed for your booking, as long as its 1500 SEK or less per person. All you have to do is fill in this form and send it to Västtrafik along with the receipt of the journey.

For the pricing, following structure applies

Day (07-19): Normal rate

Evening (19-22): + 25%

Night (22-07): + 100%